We live in a system that doesn’t allow artists to flourish.
We created DADA, a social network where people speak through drawings, as a new way of making art.
At DADA, anyone can be an artist or a collector and belong to a community based on creativity, collaboration, and solidarity.

With blockchain, we’re transforming our community of thousands of artists into an economy of creators and collectors,
in which artists will have control of their work and earn a universal basic income, and collectors will be able to afford art and invest in artists.

Join Our

Speak Visually

DADA is a global community where people speak to each other through drawings. Each drawing is made spontaneously by people in different countries who have never met each other, creating a new way of making art.

Collect Unique Collaborative Art

Featuring creeps & weirdos, our first collection of original, limited-edition digital drawings made by artists on DADA, for sale with proof of ownership on the blockchain.

Token Distribution and Supply

Road Map

  • Started development
    Feb 2014

  • Launched visual conversation platform
    Sep 2014

  • Launched facebook app
    Sep 2015

  • Hit 150k registered users
    March 2016

  • Selected at matter.vc accelerator
    May 2017

  • Launched blockchain art marketplace
    Oct 2017

  • Launched private presale
    Dec 2017

  • Launch public presale
    March 2018

  • Complete drawings migration to IPFS
    June 2018

  • Launch mobile app / reach 1M users
    July 2018

  • DADA token generation event
    Aug 2018

  • DADA fully decentralized ecosystem
    Nov 2018